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We realise there is a tough time ahead for the taxi trade. Like all other businesses in the taxi trade, we are also trying to do what we can to help our customers. It will be tough, but the taxi trade will survive as always. Remember, our health is more important.
April 2020 Points of Interest update is now available.

We now have 45,406 Points in A-Z POI database.

For confirmation that you have successfully updated your Cabbie’s Mate, please search the A-Z POI database for:

Nhow Hotel, Islington
2, Macclesfield Road, EC1V 8DG

Click here for information on how to update 5” and 7” devices
New 2020-21 A-Z map update has been released for all Cabbie’s Mate devices and Apps:
ALL iOS iPhone – iPad and Android Cabbie’s Mate STANDARD and PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION customers will receive the latest A-Z maps and April POI update automatically. If you have not received any notification, please open the app, tap on ‘i’ info button and tap on ‘downloads’.

We have been updating our A-Z maps TWICE A YEAR to keep up with changes. The first release is in Spring and the second is in Autumn. Cabbie’s Mate subscription customers receive both map updates automatically when released.

We have made a substantial investment on both iOS and Android Cabbie’s Mate apps and are redeveloping more technologically advanced apps with many more useful functions. We are aiming to release these apps towards the end of the year. These will replace current apps at no extra cost.

Until the end of 2020, A-Z map update will be £45 instead of £65 for all Cabbie’s Mate UNITS and will include lifetime A-Z POI update.

Please notify us by email of any new points you come across with location and of any changes to the names of points already in our database to allow us to maintain the quality of information and service which we constantly seek to achieve for our valued customers.
Our website www.navigationmaster.com is now mobile friendly.
Installing iOS and Android Cabbie's Mate apps:
Please be aware that you MUST download the Cabbie’s Mate app and maps via a secure Wi-Fi at home and NOT via 3G/4G or mobile Wi-Fi. You must also have a strong Wi-Fi signal and 2.3 GB of free space.
When installing the app, please always accept push notifications so you can receive the map and POI release messages from us.
Cabbie’s Mate iOS app compatibility 
Cabbie’s Mate subscription app has been tested and working perfectly on iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11 and iPads running iOS 11,12 and 13. The app is no longer compatible with older ios versions since Apple no longer support older iOS versions. Cabbie’s Mate app will always be compatible with the last 3 iOS versions as this is the standard practice for apps.

The Cabbie’s Mate NON-subscription iOS app is not compatible and it is discontinued since Apple no longer supports older iOS versions.
Dropping off and collecting your repaired Cabbie’s Mate unit from JVBright:
Due to COVID 19 and the government guidelines, we will not collect and repair any units until the government lifts restrictions.
When you drop your unit off at JVBright for repair, please let them know if you will be away for a while or not able to collect when notified. We are more than happy to delay the delivery to suit you, but once we have delivered, we expect the drivers to collect within 48 hours. Repairs will be completed within 5-7 working days from now on. Any unit not collected within 3 months will be disposed of without further notice.

For a device inspection, the set fee is £30. Should your device require physical repair this amount will be included in the repair fee and will not be added.
For those who are not sure of the location, JVBright is at 47/51 Gt Suffolk St. SE1 0BS the taxi spare parts shop by the canteen and the petrol station.
A-Z Map or POI updates can be done online, at home or at JVBright (JVBright will charge an additional £5 for POI update and £10 for A-Z map with POI update for their labour).

Adding our support email to your contact list to make sure you receive our mails
To make sure you receive our response to your email, please add info@navigationmaster.com to your contact list. Otherwise, our emails might be deleted by your anti-virus program or go to your junk mail.

Reviewing your Cabbie’s Mate app on the App Store and Google Play Store:
We always appreciate any feedback. Your positive reviews power our development and support teams. It only takes a minute to review and helps us make the Cabbie’s Mate app better.
If you wish to comment further or for any suggestions, you can always contact us through our website or through your Cabbie’s Mate app. Thanking you in advance.
Please remember, although the functionality of both iOS and Android Cabbie’s Mate app is same, it performs much better on iPhones and iPads 3G/4G.
Advice on Phone or Tablet Preference for Cabbie’s Mate A-Z app

If you are going to purchase a device, our recommendation, based on our experience, would be an iOS device such as the iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, X, 11 or the iPad running iOS 12 or 13. We are better placed to recommend our iOS App as there is only one manufacturer which is Apple and fewer versions of the operating system to work with. We know that our App works well on iOS. You will need to have a 3/4G (cellular) iPad for the app to work accurately.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a specific Android device as there are over 18,000 distinct Android devices on the market, device brands and models vary making it difficult for us to predict and recommend which devices and operating systems will be compatible with our app.

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Frequently asked Questions for 4.3”, 5”, 7” devices

There is useful information on our website which will save you time and inconvenience. Before you contact us or go to JVBright to drop the unit off for repair, please read the relevant link. It is very likely that the answer to your question is there. If you cannot resolve the issue, then please contact us via email. Please print and keep in your cab to assist you if you encounter any issue with the device or software. iOS and Android apps (revised as of 26th March 2018)

4.3” Cabbie's Mate Troubleshooting and Previously Asked Questions

5” Cabbie's Mate Troubleshooting and Previously Asked Questions

7” Cabbie's Mate Troubleshooting and Previously Asked Questions

Cabbie's Mate iPhone / iPad Apps Troubleshooting and Previously Asked Questions

Cabbie's Mate Android App Troubleshooting and Previously Asked Questions
New restaurants, hotels and bars are opening all the time, with many also changing ownership and names.Don’t get caught out on the rank! Make sure your Cabbie’s Mate is up to date. We strongly advise you to download the latest points now.
For continuous Updates and Information please follow us:
If you do not have internet connection or a PC and would like help downloading updates, please go to our agent JVBright at 47/51 Gt Suffolk St. SE1 0BS. They will charge a small fee of £5 to perform a POI update. 7” users please be aware that you can update WITHOUT a PC as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.
The team wishes you good health during 2020.
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