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iOS 10 and NON subscription Cabbie's Mate
New function for subscription Cabbie's Mate

Dear valued customer,

This announcement is extremely important for our NON subscription Cabbie’s Mate A-Z app customers and very informative for our subscription Cabbie’s Mate customers. Please ensure your read and understand it in full.

iOS 10 update implications for NON subscription Cabbie’s Mate app
As you know, Apple will be releasing iOS10 and the iPhone 7 in middle of September. This iOS 10 update will affect all NON subscription Cabbie’s Mate customers.

The Non subscription Cabbie’s Mate app WILL NOT be compatible with iOS10. If you wish to continue to use your app, please DO NOT update your iPhone or iPad’s operating system. Please also switch OFF the auto updates function on your device so that your device does not update automatically when we release an updated Cabbie’s Mate app. If you download and install the new updated app, your Cabbie’s Mate WILL stop working.

With the iOS10 update, the A-Z map data will have to be removed from the App Store since this map is now over 3 years old. This means, after this date, if you update your iOS, update your app, delete the app or perform a factory reset on your device, you will no longer be able to download the A-Z maps you paid for. If you wish to install the app on other compatible iOS devices, please do it now before the iOS10 release. You can still download the non-subscription app on as many iOS devices you own providing you are using the same Apple ID.

As long as you do not update your operating system, do not update the app, do not delete the app and do not perform a factory reset, you should be able to use the non-subscription Cabbie’s Mate app for as long as you want.

Our legal obligation is to make sure the app you paid for works on all available compatible Apple iOS devices at the time of app purchase. Although we have no legal obligation, we have been providing fixes for the app after an iOS update and have been providing customer support via e mail without additional charges. We have been spending time and money to do this but unfortunately we have to draw a line. With the iOS10 update, we will not be providing support for the non-subscription app. If you feel this is not fair and your app should work for life, please direct all complaints to Apple, since it is their iOS updates that are causing apps to stop working.
iOS10 update, new navigation link function and new interim A-Z map update for SUBSCRIPTION Cabbie’s Mate A-Z app customers

Our subscription customers will not be affected by the iOS10 update, but please do not update as soon as iOS10 is released.

We are preparing an update for iOS10 which will include a navigation link. We are linking the A-Z map to the iOS navigation map. After the update, there will be an ‘N’ navigation button on the Cabbie’s Mate app tool bar, the same as on 5” and 7” Cabbie’s Mate units. This means, when you search for a street, postcode or POI, after the entry is found, you can tap on the ‘N’ button and your destination will be plotted on the iOS navigation map. It will be ready to navigate to that destination without re-entering the same address on the navigation map.

You will also be able to scroll the A-Z map, press and hold on any place with your finger and select it as a destination, after it is displayed on the A-Z map, you can then tap on the ‘N’ navigation button and it will plot your destination on the iOS navigation map, ready to navigate.
We hope to link our Android Cabbie’s Mate A-Z app to Google maps next year. Only subscription customers will benefit from this new function, but all other new functions developed in the future will only be for iOS devices.
A new interim A-Z map update is coming for subscription iOS and Android Cabbie’s Mate apps.

As you are aware, road layouts are changing so fast in London, sometimes it is difficult to keep up. Therefore, we requested Geographers’ A-Z Company update our Cabbie’s Mate A-Z map data twice a year. We have submitted a list of changes recently and we hope to release an interim update for the Super Scale and Greater London maps before Christmas. When this map update is released, it will come to ALL our subscription iOS and Android Cabbie’s Mate app users automatically. After that, we shall hopefully be updating twice a year, but only premium subscription customers will receive the POI update 4 times a year as usual. Whenever you see changes of one way systems or road layouts, please inform us via e-mail.
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The team wishes you good luck during 2016.
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